Hateful Abandon Album and Band Update

V/M has posted an update regarding Hateful Abandon and the forthcoming album:

All change on the HA front; It looks likely that the 2nd album may slip into early next year with the rehearsals for HA Mark II keeping us pumping until the end of this annus horribilis. It is with a slight trembling motion that I have to admit we have changed quite a bit from the first record. Although I’m sure most t…hat can appreciate the old will appreciate the new record and the style moving on to HA Mark II next year. The good news is that we are working on material for HA Mark II a lot quicker, so recorded output should be a lot more frequent.


One thought on “Hateful Abandon Album and Band Update

  1. All good things are worth waiting for! Hopefully won’t be too long though…..really looking forward to hearing this album…… I reckon it’s gonna be awesome & also really original from the sounds of what is to come!!

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