So Long, Ulvberth

A few weeks ago Zdenek Hlisnikovsky – better known as Ulvberth, former Silva Nigra vocalist and owner of Ravenheart Productions – died in a vehicle accident. We corresponded several times and were official distributor for his label over here.
Ravenheart released a series of great tapes, both classic reissues and unknown local bands. With it’s CD releases the label supported black metal and increasingly dark ambient projects. He also took chances, supporting bands like Remmirath with their debut demo tape and later, after the band had trouble finding another label, their killer experimental full-length Polis Rouge. The label’s last release is Slunovrat’s ‘Sword & Iron Cross’.
The Czech underground can hail Ulv for his sincere support, we all thank him for introducing us to some excellent music.
So long, Zdenek.

Ravenheart Productions