Incoming: Nightbirds Records Latest Tapes

Nightbirds is run by Roman S. of Drudkh and Hate Forest and over the past few years has released numerous cassette editions of some great albums.
We will be stocking their latest releases shortly. The label will be releasing it’s final cassettes in December.

Coming soon:

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (Fra) “Four Seasons Of Depression”
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (Fra) “Nostalgia – Fragments of a Broken Past”
THRAENENKIND (Ger) “Eine Momentaufnahme – Der Rest ist nur Einsamkeit”
DEADWOOD (Swe) “8 19”
DEADWOOD (Swe) “Ramblack”
BLACK CIRCLE (Swe) “Behold My Visions And Wisdom”
BLACK CIRCLE (Swe) “The Distant Wind”
ACHERONTAS (Gre) “Theosis”
NIHASA (Gre) “Brahamanda Xul Grimoire”
SHIBALBA (Gre) demo
NERGAL “Wizard Of Nerath”
TRAGEDY BEGINS “White Colour Crimes”