Podcast – Ustumallagam – What’s Spinning on my Stereo Lately…

The titles I tell you about here are not inspirations in any way, but just what I have been listening to a lot the past weeks or so. A healthy combination of fucking awesome tracks (in alphabetical order). You should definitely check out these bands…

  1. Abysmal Grief “Borgo Pass”
    I will never – and I repeat – never get tired of this song. The whole atmosphere in it is so dark and unique and extremely horrifying. When you listen to it you can literally feel the darkness consume you and your mind easily drifts away to thoughts about driving an old rotten hearse through the infamous Borgo Pass. Without doubt one of the best songs ever written and the insane solo in it certainly underlines that. A must.
  2. Acid Witch “Swamp Spells”
    I can spin this song again and again. Acid Witch could be called a combination of metal music and Tales From The Crypt. The vocals of Lasse (unfortunately not with the band anymore) are so deep and perverse and suit the music just right. The song has a rather repetitive refrain, but that’s what makes this really cool. I will never get tired of this extremely catchy audial nightmare.
  3. Anima Morte “He Who Dwells in Darkness”
    Anima Morte cannot be called a metal band at all, but perform some unique kind of nightmarish music as performed by masters like Goblin and Fabio Frizzi. What they really sound like is a film soundtrack from old Italian horror and giallo movies, which means a mix of synths and easy going rock music etc. It all sounds very haunting and disturbed and could have been created back in the 70s. Two thumbs up for originality and atmosphere.
  4. Black Oath “Obsessed by Moonlight”
    Dark and occult horror doom metal from Italy. I wrote the lyrics for this one, so I probably gave it a few more spins than many other songs, but it’s also worth it. I can’t really compare their eerie music to any other bands and the atmosphere they create really blows many bands away. It’s killer to hear lyrics sung with an Italian dialect. I am a sucker for that for some reason as it adds some extra charm to it all. Definitely a band you should check out.
  5. Equinoxio “Break their Bones”
    Equinoxio are from Panama, but sound rather European influenced. The music is extremely tight and so aggressive it will rip your face of. This kind of death/black metal is not really something I listen to too often, but this particular track just caught my attention big time. There’s no slow parts in this song and it just cuts right to the bone. Every time I listen to it I wonder how drummers manage to actually play like this. Killer.
  6. Skitsystem “Apokalypsens svarta änglar”
    Fucking aggressive crust punk music with screamed vocals and a very dark atmosphere. No matter what you do this has to be played LOUD for maximum effect and brain damage. I like quite some crust/punk/ grind bands and every now and then I put on Extreme Noise Terror, Fear Of God, (old) Agathocles, Doom, Nuclear Death Terror, Pisschrist, (old) Napalm Death, GG Allin etc. This track is from their “Stigmata” LP I got in my hands recently and sounds like what a kick in the nuts feels like.
  7. The Black (Ita) “Metamorphoses” (pt I-IV)
    Obscure Italian metal with lyrics completely in latin. The music is very doomy and the atmosphere deeply occult and somehow religious too. The Black is not easy listening and most likely you will have to give this some spins before getting into it (understand it you probably never will), but it is certainly worth it. I’m proud to say I have seen this strange band live even if we were only a handful. This song is from their newest “Gorgoni” LP.
  8. Valhalla “Valhalla”
    Extremely underrated old US power metal band that never made it big, but still created some of the most atmospheric and memorable songs. This track is heavily soaked in synths too, but it certainly only adds to the atmosphere. And don’t forget the over the top vocal performance. A must for every old school power metal head.
  9. Warlord “Lucifer’s Hammer”
    Old übercool US power metal like I love it. I have listened to their stuff since shortly after I got into metal as a kid and this song still brings something special to me. The lyrics are very doomy and the music powerful with high vocals. Is there anything cooler than old US power metal??? This will always remain special to me as that was what got me into US metal along with old albums of Tyrant, Omen, Abattoir, Ripper etc.
  10. Warning “Footprints”
    I am glad we had a chance to play with this unique trio before they split up. Till this very day it’s still one of the best shows I’ve ever witnessed. Warning don’t just play songs, they paint pictures with their music. And those pictures are not happy. Slow stomping doom with an over the top vocal performance. One of my all time fave bands.

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