Incoming: Von – Satanic Blood Ritual DVD

Official DVD includes two 1991 gigs (San Francisco and Oakland, California), and photo gallery.

This is part of a bigger NWN Prod label update coming early February and will include:

Abigail “Sweet Baby Metal Slut” CD
Ares Kingdom “Incendiary”
Cauchemar S/T
Damnation “Speed Anarchy”
Death Yell “Morbid Rites” (restock)
Ignivomous “Death Transmutation”
Inquisition “Anxious Death/Forever Under” (restock)
Tudor “Ultra Black Metal” Double
V/A NWN Fest Volume I DVD
Von “Satanic Blood Ritual” DVD
Von Goat “Septic Illumination” (restock)
Voor “Evil Metal”