Hateful Abandon - Move

V/M on Move Album and Track Descriptions

V/M has posted a retrospective look at Move, an overview of the album process and a track-by-track description.

We were always going to get darker. It’s been the plan all along, that and experiment more. The album you’ll (all five of you) be exposed to in the next couple of weeks has been a long and convoluted process. You may have read about a change in our sound or a change in direction, that’s not strictly true, it’s just what has come next. The true follow up to ‘Famine…’, a band that has grown up together and got used to each other and become a unit working 50/50 as opposed to two people playing their instruments in their own little corner.

In the middle of 2010, when half the album had already been written, we had the urge to play live, obviously without splitting ourselves into four people this was never going to work. So we looked at alternate ways of conveying our message. One thing we learnt is that whatever we do and however we do it, it still sounds like HA. And THIS, my friends, is the second step on the ladder to a further evolution.

Listen to as loud as you can, preferably on headphones whilst stalking the streets and looking directly into people’s eyes. A few pints won’t hurt either.

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