Hateful Abandon - Move

Hateful Abandon – Move (Digital Version – MP3)

With the release of Hateful Abandon’s ‘Move’ we will for the first time make a digital version available for download.

Every release we have worked on is inevitably uploaded to various filesharing sites, blogs, forums, youtube etc. so we want to offer official MP3 copies which will directly support the band.
You will be able to order Move from: iTunes, Amazon and the Todestrieb Distro. It will also probably turn up on Spotify for streaming.

The CD version is of course definitive with a cover of Cabaret Voltaire’s ‘Spies in the Wires’, quality 8-page booklet and lyrics.

We appreciate anyone finding value in our work and spreading the word, we hope the easy availability of these digital versions will allow you continue doing so and give something back to the bands.

Thanks for your support!