The Inarguable Review Hateful Abandon – Move

US webzine The Inarguable have reviewed Hateful Abandon‘s new record Move:

…I have to hand it to them; Move is one of the most impressive post-punk, or even rock albums I’ve heard in a long time. I don’t even know where to begin with this album; it’s absolutely fantastic. Hateful Abandon has been able to tone down their influences outside of post-punk to a degree where they’ve lost that “wobbling” effect of Famine to create something much more concrete and stable, but with enough zest from, say, black metal or older industrial music, to really make it special.
Strong, concentrated, adamant, and powerful are all adjectives that come to mind upon listening to this courageous venture as a post-punk band in a black metal world. Chock full of nods to the greats, from Cabaret Voltaire (“Spies on a Wire” is a cover of their song of the same name) to Burzum, though the latter is more slight and textural. An exercise in the complexities of a single emotion, being anger, of course, Move has proven itself to be one of the much stronger releases so far this year. Hats off to you, Hateful Abandon.

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