Incoming: Woods of Infinity – Forintelse & Libido

Woods of Infinity - Girl
Woods of Infinity

Modern classic of unhinged Swedish black metal re-released as hand-made digi-sleeves with 12 page booklets (including lyrics in Swedish and translated English).

1. Förlorad
2. Jorden Är Satans Hora
3. Raping The Hexagram
4. Tribut Till Självmördare
5. Excrucior
6. Den Eviga Natten
7. Vid Kedjan Av Kommande År
8. Framtid
9. Dystopia
10. Brutalt Mord
11. Missfostret Tellus
12. Bortom Tveksamheten

Simple promo video made by the band at the time, since edited…

Interview with Woods of Infinity from a few years ago.