Review: Holocausto – De Volta ao Front

Review by: S.
Review score: 3/5

Riding on the interest created by the reissue of their best work -Campo de Exterminio- Holocausto released De Volta ao Front in 2006.
The band, like many in Brazil, were originally influenced by European and US thrash and speed metal (Venom, Sodom, Slayer). These influences remain, but bring in a strong hardcore edge (Brazilian hardcore – Ratos de Porao) most obviously with the lead vocals, losing the occult deathwhispers of old thrash.
What has remained is a raw guitar sound and overall production, giving it a feel of the old. This importantly means they did not reform and release a modern thrash album like so many older groups in recent years.
So, understanding this is not Holocausto of 1987 and the hardcore influence is strong, this is still a hard hitting record that deserves the attention of 80’s Brazilian thrash/punk fans!