Incoming: Nightbringer – Hierophany of the Open Grave

NIGHTBRINGER are rising to the forefront of the currently prospering American Black Metal scene that has long stood in the shadow of its European counterpart. The band formed in the year 1999 and is beyond all doubts of being trend jockeys. Frost glazed hymns burning with bitter buzzing melodies, over which deviously arranged multilayered vocals are spewing throat-grinding blasphemies mark the band as traditionalists holding up the orthodox canon of second generation Black Metal. With the albums “Death and the Black Work” (2008) and “Apocalypse Sun” (2010) heralding their coming as well as performing with major acts such as WATAIN and KRIEG, NIGHTBRINGER are now ready to conquer outside their homeland with the new American darkness of “Hierophany of the Open Grave“!

NIGHTBRINGER was created as a conduit for our contemplations on the mysteries of death as it is understood in the tradition of the art magical.
Formed in the year 1999 by Nox Corvus (guitars, percussions, bass and vocals) and Naas Alcameth (guitar, bass, lyrics and vocals), the band from Colorado in the United States recorded a two song rehearsal demo, which would be later self-released in 2001 on the CD-R compilation “Horde of Darkenwood” and featured again on the NIGHTBRINGER release “Emanation” put out by Starlight Templer Society in 2010.
Ophis (guitars and lyrics) joined the circle in 2001, and two years later the trio entered Hellion Studios and recorded two tracks, “The Void” and “Mors Philosophotum”, which were to be released via Vae Victis Productions. But the label folded, and NIGHTBRINGER signed to Full Moon Productions soon after.
In 2004, NIGHTBRINGER made their first live appearance at the Gathering of Shadows in the woods of the Colorado Mountains. Since that day they appeared annually at this event until 2011.
In 2005 the split EP with TEMPLE OF NOT, entitled “Rex ex Ordine Throni”, was released via Full Moon Productions. The following year, a split 10” record with brother band SERPENTINAM was released via Forever Plagued Records.
After three years of writing and recording, NIGHTBRINGER’s debut, entitled “Death and the Black Work” (recorded at Hellion Studios, now re-named “Flatline Audio”), was released in 2008 via Full Moon Productions in CD format and Forever Plagued Records in 3x LP box set format.
The same year, the Americans were joined by members Valfor (percussions) and Horridus (bass) formerly of the cult Black Metal act DEMONCY. With the live line-up completed, NIGHTBRINGER played a handful of live fests on both the US coasts and opened for WATAIN in Denver in 2009. Shortly after, members Horidus and Valfor split ways with the band and session members were used for future live gigs.
NIGHTBRINGER signed to The Ajna Offensive in 2009 and the following year was featured on the four-way vinyl split “On the Powers of the Sphinx” alongside SATURNALIA TEMPLE, NIHIL NOCTURNE and ALUK TODOLO. The same year, their second debut “Apocalypse Sun”, recorded once again at Flatline Audio, was released via The Ajna Offensive in North and South America and by Avantgarde Music in Europe.
At the close of 2010, Starlight Temple Society released a compilation of NIGHTBRINGER’s unreleased and rare tracks entitled “Emanation”. In the summer of 2010, NIGHTBRINGER did a West coast mini-tour for one week with Australian Black Metal act NAZXUL followed by an appearance alongside KRIEG and PROFANATICA at The Return of Darkness and Evil fest.
2011 saw the return of Valfor to the lineup. The same year, the Americans signed with Season of Mist and, in March, entered Flatline Audio once more to record their third full length entitled “Hierophany of the Open Grave”. Conjuring up unholy sounds that draw from the blackest sources ranging from the majestic elegance of early EMPEROR to the fierce aggression of MARDUK, their third full-length gives rise to a mighty demon. Strings are screaming frosty hymns burning with bitter buzzing melodies, over which deviously arranged multilayered vocals are hissing incantations and spew forth throat-grinding blasphemies. This album also featured the lyrical additions and guest vocal work of Ar-Ra’d al-Iblis (Carl Nordblom) of the acts ACRIMONIOUS and MORBID INSULTER. Discover the new American darkness!