T.O.M.B. Live on WFMU’s My Castle of Quiet, 5.12.2010

This is an old story but we never posted a link to this special set performed by T.O.M.B. back in May of 2010.

Last Wednesday’s T.O.M.B. set leaves even a verbose guy like myself somewhat at a loss for adjectives. What T.O.M.B. did was execute a through-composed, thoughtfully executed set, of album-like proportions and pacing. Sonically, just to entice you, I could make comparisons to TG’s Mission of Dead Souls, were it laid atop some of the more well-orchestrated doom metal of the day – are you effectively grabbed?

T.O.M.B. Live on WFMU’s My Castle of Quiet, 5.12.2010