Incoming: Corrupted – Garten Der Unbewusstheit

And so, the consciousness left from the body being wounded and exhausted by the countless difficulties of life, assimilated with the spring called infinity, like healing oneself. An infinity and eternity. An eternity and symbol of death. A symbol of death and wellspring of creation. Rising from the wellspring of creation, the product will rest forever even after the ruin of the body of the creator, reprocessing in front of another new lives. But as the time passes by, our lives in reality are loosing It’s imaginative fascination by the material, times, and the evil named science. Our lives are full of lies. Our suffering demented soul will completely support death. Just because of the strong love for “life”. CORRUPTED should be the the rare existence as the band nowadays struggling to expose the lies of life. Their 4th album is entitled “Garten Der Unbewusstheit”, which means “garden of unconsciousness”. This is the final album by “original” CORRUPTED featuring 3 tracks, total 63 minutes. But ”garden of unconsciousness” should have existed from the early hardcore approaching days of CORRUPTED. The reason is not clear, but definitely what was going on was not progression, nor development but seeking and recurrence. So the fact is that the beat on this album is most calm, gentle, and transparent than ever. And this paradoxical evolution form is nothing but the result of huge studio works, mixing thousands of feedbacks and guitar overtones like constructing the three dimensional architecture. The remarkable point of this 3 track hour of suit is that this album totally transcends our usual sense of time. Like feeling a minute & a second like infinity, and feeling 60 minutes & 3600 seconds like moment…… this transcending sense can be described as the sense of liberation from material and life through music. So first of all, let’s experience this album and expose the lies of our “given life”. At last, as many may already know, the vocalist Hevi and guitarist Talbot left the group after recording of this album and 17 years of activities since 1994. Now CORRUPTED has a new singer Taiki (ex- FREEDOM, DIABOLIC ART) stepping forward to another unknown level. Like inviting us to another garden of unconsciousness…

— text by jacky crustwar