Satanic Warmaster Early Band Photo

Incoming: Satanic Warmaster Eps and Albums

The latest Satanic Warmaster album Nachzehrer is already available as part of a big Werewolf Records update, but more Satanic Warmaster will be added soon including:

Split (better described as a collaborative album) with Clandestine Blaze from 2004

The well received …Of the Night Ep from 2004

Black Katharsis, the third Satanic Warmaster release (2002) and follow-up to…

Strength & Honour — the debut LP from 2001, a classic from Werwolf which took the years of music from Pest, Shatargat and others integrated with a complete image and ideology, and produced a record that was both epic and DIY raw. As powerful and memorable as it was eleven years ago from the burning timber to the close.