Greek Black Metal Update: Tatir, Mortify & Storm Studio

We have two new Greek black metal demo collections, a good chance to highlight some other Hellenic bands all linked through Athens Storm Studio.

Tatir – Cave of Ephyras… To the Infernal Fields CD
Cave of Ephyras… To the Infernal Fields (an unreleased EP recorded in 1996), Dark Autumn Nights (1995), and Fons Acheroni (1996)

Mortify – The Way of All Flesh CD
Dizziness of the Occult (1990), …And Darkness was Upon (1993), and Promo 96

Tatir and Mortify recorded at Storm Studio which was owned and operated by George Zacharopoulos. George is bassist and vocalist in Necromantia and Thou Art Lord, he was also keyboardist (Morbid) with Rotting Christ during their best period.

His production work at Storm Studio helped form the instantly recognisable ‘Greek Black Metal’ sound of the early-mid 1990’s. Bands like Thou Art Lord, Varathron, and Rotting Christ created some of the most enduring black metal at Storm Studio.

Other bands that recorded at Storm Studio include:

There are samples in most of the above links, here are some more:

Rotting Christ – The Fifth Illusion
Thou Art Lord – The Era of Satan Rising (demo version)
Varathron – Son Of The Moon (Act II)