Crumbsuckers: Both Classic Crossover Albums to be Reissued on Vinyl in May

A couple of classic New York crossover thrash/hardcore punk records will be getting a vinyl reissue later this month. Both CRUMBSUCKERS albums will be released May 21st on 180g vinyl and limited to 1000.

Life of Dreams (1986)

Listeners familiar with the East Coast thrash/hardcore crossover scene of the ’80s generally agree that Crumbsuckers played an important role in defining their subgenre’s reckless, metallic sound. The guitar histrionics and similar thrash ticks prevented astute fans from taking the band’s hardcore affiliation very seriously. The group’s 16-track Combat Records debut, Life of Dreams, is the more aggressive of Crumbsuckers’ two albums. Despite the Metallica-like “Trapped” and hyper-polka-beat novelty of songs like “Super Tuesday” that would fit on any S.O.D. recording, there are some defining moments on Life of Dreams that extend beyond Crumbsuckers’ thrash predilections. The freewheeling title cut is a career highlight, with its shifting time signatures that relay a feeling of manic angst — not just technical metal ambition. – AllMusic

Beast on my Back (1988)

With the release of Beast on My Back, New York’s Crumbsuckers tossed aside their hardcore associations, choosing instead to fully commit to metal. The term thrash doesn’t fully describe the tone of this 1988 sophomore full-length. The dense guitar harmonies and rapid-fire power chords combine with an unceasing vocal croak that brings to mind Florida’s burgeoning death metal scene of the time. Some technically challenging double-kick drum performances — about ten times faster than “Rejuvenate” — are all that is needed to complete this offering’s genre shift away from hardcore. When compared to the precise guitar parts, the drumming on Beast on My Back lacks definition. This gives the otherwise-impressive metal disc an unbalanced feel. There is no such problem on highlights like “Jimmies Dream,” with its straight-up thrash, or the dynamic “Remembering Tomorrow.” – AllMusic