Emit and Hammemit Lyrics Available

M.M. has made available lyrics to select Emit & Hammemit material including the Todestrieb released Nature Mystic. Also available are lyrics from the split with Vrolok and A Sword of Death for the Prince.

Here are lyrics to two songs from the Mysteries of the Church and Surrounding Environs side of Nature Mystic:

Dreamstate Hagioscope

Images only seen in woodcuts are come alive
Breathing frescoes fresh with blood
Deep sounds that resonate from afar
A sermon of centuries ago witnessed in sleep
Old voices speak the words of God
Not so distant anymore…

Beneath the Ancient Dust

Centuries, centuries fell there
The pressing weight of years
Oppression of lifetimes, generations
A cloud of unknowledge obscures
Where men of old dug graves on fresh parchment
Opening mysteries with strokes of the quill
Words wept with joy as the ink dried
Beneath the ancient dust (a promise of Death)
An answer to my prayers

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