Maniac Butcher

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  1. Maniac Butcher – Dead but Live (DVD)
    Live In Opava, Live In Rotterdam, Live In Jicin, Co dobre pro mne… (Official Video), Rare ancient videos 1992-94 – three early songs from three different gigs. Maniac Butcher without corpsepaint in their demo more-death-metal-influenced era! Akhenaten of Judas Iscariot is session bassist for the Jicin concert.
  2. Maniac Butcher – Cerna Krev (CD)
    10th anniversary reissue, includes three bonus live recordings from 1999.
  3. Maniac Butcher – Barbarians (CD)
    2008 reissue of the classic 1995 debut album!
  4. Zlo – Signum Diabolicum (CD)
    The lineup includes members of Maniac Butcher (Vlad Blasphemer), Detonator 666, and Diagon. Czech Black Metal inspired by Czech masters most notably Master’s Hammer, although the album brings a much more individual sound than the demo.
  5. Maniac Butcher – Epitaph (MC)
    We are afraid there is no more place for hordes like Maniac Butcher on today’s scene.
Maniac Butcher

They made the ultimate fast and raw music since the end of the 80’s. Forever they have fought for pure Metal and never betrayed their motto:
No keyboards !! No female vocals !! Only pure Black Metal !!
They say: “Keyboards are good for disco-music !! Not for true Heavy Metal!! …and female vocals? We prefer to use the mouths of girls for totally different activities!!

I am eternal, I am almighty
I am blood-thirsty
I am Maniac Butcher
My blood is Black !!