Holodomor End Their Brief Violent Existence – Only Release Still Available

While there can be no doubt mastermind A. Widawski will return, one of the UK’s most impressive new bands Holodomor have decided to end:

Due to unresolvable interpersonal conflicts and misunderstandings within the band HOLODOMOR has been deceased. The mental gap between myself and the other members has grown too great to surpass and I do not find it honest to continue participation in any activities related to HOLODOMOR.

Forming in 2009 Holodomor only released one MCD, Témoignages de la Gnose Terrestre. These seventeen violent minutes will serve as the sole testament of a band pursuing pure brutality with a technical proficiency not often seen!

We still have some copies of the self-released MCD, which may be the only way to ever own this record (a limited vinyl edition was being planned).