Newsletter: September 2012 (Pagan Metal, Folk Metal, Arkona, Subvertio Deus, Haar, Pagan Pendants, Volkolak)

Salute Friends! This is a general update for September, and advance notice of some new arrivals.

We have a huge update ready including CDs, Vinyl and T-Shirts of Slavic Pagan and Folk Metal imported from Rus’ Land. Fans of Аркона (Arkona, RUS), Калевала (Kalevala), Pagan Reign and Грай (Grai) should visit this weekend and next week for both music and merchandise arrivals. Most of these will be very limited and many are unavailable in western Europe.

We also have many new UK Black Metal titles in stock and ready to be added. Subvertio Deus‘ only album (excellent gnostic Black Metal originally on Satanic Propaganda) has just been re-released with new artwork (available here), the band has since morphed into Antinomian. The debut Antinomian full-length is scheduled for later this year, a killer record! We have the newly reissued Subvertio Deus along with t-shirts from both bands, and will add patches by both soon. See all related items here.

One of the most promising Black/Thrash bands from the UK, Holodomor, recently split so be sure to pick up Temoignages de la Gnose Terrestre – their only available recording, self-released earlier this year.

The self-titled EP by the excellent Haar has just been restocked! Haar are producing some of the most interesting avant-garde, progressive Black Metal in the UK and have been deservedly compared to bands like Virus / Ved Buens Ende!

View all available UK Black Metal releasesView all UK music.

All of this will be available over the next week, most in limited numbers. One final teaser for later this month/October and a band, an individual, that can be credited as a foundational influence for most of the above… Bathory limited edition gold vinyl…

Thanks for your support!!

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New Arrivals:

• High quality antique pendants! Designs include: The Black Sun (Sonnenrad), Celtic Cross, various Inverted Crosses, Thor’s Hammer (Germanic and Nordic variations), German Iron Cross, Irminsul, Teutonic Cross and the Valknut (Wotan’s Knot, or Slain Warriors Knot)
• Aluk Todolo – Occult Rock is available for pre-order, out next week
• Classic US Crossover Thrash: both Wehrmacht albums remastered and reissued as digipacks
• Some of the newer Discharge albums have been added, but don’t forget we still have the recent limited (official) reissues of their essential 7″s!!
• After seven years the great Russian folk act Volkolak have returned! Disappear is available now
• Winterfylleth have just released The Threnody of Triumph. CD available now, LP should be available within a week
• Bestial Summoning’s raw live ritual from June 1992 on 7″ vinyl!
• Brazilian Ain Sof Aur conjure Holy Chaos on their debut full-length Atra Serpens

And more…
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