Haar - 2012 EP

Upcoming release: Haar – EP 2012 (Edinburgh based Progressive UK Black Metal)

Todestrieb Records is proud to announce a new release for MMXII

Haar (artist page | merchandise | facebook), named after the North Sea fog that envelops part of Eastern Scotland, are  producing some of the most interesting and avant-garde Black Metal in the UK. Their two releases, EP 2010 and EP 2012 have been deservedly compared to two masters of this field – Norway’s Virus and Ved Buens Ende!

“Haar really are shaft of light in the almost impenetrable murk that is the UK Black Metal scene right now, a statement that is proven by their inclusion in shows with such amazing bands as A Forest of Stars and Old Corpse Road. The UK Metal scene is at a very strong point and Haar are the epitome of this.”

Members of Haar are also involved in other important Edinburgh bands including Barshasketh, death metal band Acatalepsy and blackened bands Erowid and Vostok.

EP 2012 was self-released by the band earlier this year and limited to 100 CDr copies. We will be re-pressing the record on CD in greater quantity, keeping the same design and presentation, in order for this music to reach more people. The EP stands alone as an essential release, this re-print is also intended to serve as an anticipation builder for their debut album which is currently being assembled.

Haar are an active live band, our Gigs page will update with forthcoming dates.

More details to be announced soon. A sample song follows…