Upcoming release: Barshasketh – Sitra Achra (New Zealand/UK Black Metal)

Todestrieb Records is proud to announce a new release for MMXII

BARSHASKETH (artist page | facebook) formed in New Zealand during the mid-2000’s and in 2009 released two demo tapes: the self-titled debut recorded 2007 and As Flesh Becomes Earth recorded 2008.

The demos were followed by a full-length tape in February of 2010 and founding member Krigeist relocated to Scotland. With the debut album, Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thraldom, Barshasketh began to crystallise it’s unique approach. A sound which has been compared to Peste Noire and Wolves in the Throne Room: traditional atmospheric black metal with technical abilities far beyond the majority of bands in this arena.

Later this year Todestrieb Records will present Sitra Achra, the second Barshasketh album. A profound record of negativity and nihilism communicated through inspired atmospheric black metal!

Barshasketh are an active live band, our Gigs page will update with forthcoming dates.

More details to follow. A sample song follows…