Incoming: GNY and Huldre – Nordic Folk from Denmark

Video: To Ravne, a viking song telling the tale of two ravens discovering a dead warrior under his war shield, who eat the warrior and build a nest with his bones and hair. Filmed in Skørping, Denmark – 09/2010.

Gny perform Nordic, Viking and Danish folk music. Their debut album Ærlig Pæl will be available soon.

The Nordic countries, including Denmark, holds a treasure of folksongs. The main part of these was written down during the Renaissance, but many of the songs have roots streching even further back in time. Characteristic for the folksongs is that they have no composer but belong to the people singing and playing.
Gny is trying to go back in search of the original starting point, using reconstructed medieval instruments. At the same time we try to make the traditional music present and come alive to the audience, as we think the best way to keep the music alive is by communication and understanding.
Not all our songs originate from the Middle Ages, but they all take part of the popular tradition of musical storytelling, singing and dancing. A tradition having roots far, far back in the mists of the past.

Gny is: Nanna Barslev-Larsen: vocals, jaws harp, dancing; Laura Emilie Beck: rebec, violin; Lasse Olufson: lute, guitar; Thomas White: bodrhan; Rune Brandt Larsen: flute, bagpipe.

Huldre perform Folk Metal. The line-up includes three members of Gny adding an extra quality and authenticity to their song writing and performances. Their debut album Intet menneskebarn will be available soon.