Incoming: Nocturnal Poisoning – Other Worlds of the Mind (post Xasthur acoustic)

Nocturnal Poisoning is the new band from Malefic after the close of Xasthur. Nocturnal Poisoning is an all acoustic project originally formed in 2010. The debut album, Other Worlds of the Mind, has just been released and will be available soon.

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It is an all-acoustic guitar type of band/project and what I mean by that is that, for now, there are no keyboards, there’s no reverb, no effects, no picks, no strumming, it’s all finger picking good. Just the music, the riffs, the guitar playing upfront and not left behind and no wall of sound to distract from that. There are more layers that are clear, instead, layers of leads spread throughout, so if anything, it’s more like a clean wall of sound. The riffs, the chords and the songwriting are the ‘ambiance’ or the atmosphere, at least that’s my goal. Everything was recorded the hard way because I still wouldn’t have that any other way. The name Nocturnal Poisoning is really a mind-fuck considering whatever kind of music it is and what I’m doing.
The more I think about the name, the more it’ll be like a book you can’t judge by its cover, that is who I am anyway, musically and in real life, no matter how much I try to explain something or make the cover obvious. Another reason with using this name, there probably has be some kind of trace or connection to the previous band, because if I went with using some anonymous name, then nobody would bother listening to it and playing music for almost half of my life would just go down the drain; I might as well admit that. No matter what, it’s writing from another frame of mind.
But I’m real excited about music again; from playing it, to writing it, to getting back to recording again. I’m not even going to fall into the trap of trying to find out ‘what kind of music it is’, can it just be me? Can it just be in the ‘other’ section at a record store? I also don’t want to put genres it may or may not be into anyone’s mind, I’m just going to have to let the music speak for itself, whether it’s considered absolute shit or good. I will find a way, somehow, to make this find its way into the genre called nocturnal poisoning, just as much as I would tell you to be your own genre! I refuse to use or abuse the word ‘influence’, because it says who somebody else is and it’s using someone else’s music besides your own as a ‘selling point’. It is very much inspired by a lot of great acoustic guitar players who played without a pick, past but also present, regardless of genre, but also by default, some of it might come across to a listener as acoustic black metal, or maybe it sounds like Xasthur playing some completely other kind of music but in a warped, slightly wrong, backwards or ‘off’ kind of way, I reckon a little of that is fine. However, one of the goals is to express another side of the self, not overly focusing on the negative side of abilities and music. Sure, some of it is ‘dark’ and ‘melancholic’, but that’s not what it’s all about, not the main point.
I don’t have any negative, hateful or malicious intentions with Nocturnal Poisoning, I just want to get back to playing music and find more that I can do with it.
I know what every black metal fan turns to when they’re trying something ‘different’, that’s always the same… and that’s something else I’m trying to change.

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