Classic NWOBHM: First Three DEMON LPs Reissued in February

In early February the first three Demon albums will be re-released on vinyl by Rock Classics. All three will be double LPs with sides C and D reserved for bonus unreleased/remix/rare recordings. Demon played a style that bridged the hard rock of the 70’s and the NWOBHM movement of the 80’s. There are plenty of under appreciated bands of this era, and Demon are right up there!

Demon are still active, releasing music fairly consistently since 1980, although they were inactive for the majority of the 90’s. They play live and released Unbroken in 2012. Vocalist Dave Hill is the only original member in the current lineup.

Night of the Demon (1981)
The Unexpected Guest (1983)
The Plague (1983)