Necrosadist – Orthodox Black Metal from Cyprus (Distro Featured Artist) (Full Album Stream)


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Necrosadist – Abstract Satan
Necrosadist – In the Realm of Flesh
Necrosadist – Logo (Woven Patch)
Necrosadist – The Alpha Nihil [2011]


So what will it be?

Will you be praying for mercy?
Would any god be begged?
Lies of repent turning red.

One of very few Cypriot Black Metal bands, Necrosadist emerged in the mid-2000’s as a real force and have continued to refine their sound since the demo In the Realm of the Flesh until the higher profile EP and LP combination of The Alpha Nihil and Abstract Satan in 2011.

Necrosadist are Black Metal mysticism with heavy malevolent aggression! Their music is as much technical and obscure as it is brutal and punishing, with strong elements from Death Metal. Musically Necrosadist find common ground with Antaeus and blasting Blackened Death bands like Impiety, Angelcorpse; lyrically though this is Black Metal. Vocalist/guitarist/bassist Dictator has described the writing process as outside of rational thought, only fully comprehending lyrical content later, when re-reading. Necrosadist deal with the Unholy element as a universal Force: “my interpretation of Satan is one of a universal adversarial force, a divine essence and constantly dividing metaphysical being or energy that permeates every facet of existence.” [Executioner Zine]

Necrosadist is a constantly evolving entity. Now that the slate is clean and we are free to move forward again from scratch with the benefit of experience, this evolution and progress will undoubtedly continue into deeper realms of the abyss we have envisioned. None of our releases sound the same and each one is a step further from the last – in the case of “Abstract Satan”, a quantum leap – and it is only logical and acceptable to us that our future releases follow a similar pattern. Necrosadist is growing into something much more horrific and terrifying than I could have ever previously imagined when I started this band in 2005 and as long as I am breathing, it will also continue to breathe in one form or another. Succinctly, Necrosadist will be a different entity in its next form, that is for sure. [Executioner Zine]