Todestrieb New Release: Helheim – Niðr ok Norðr Liggr Helvegr (Cult Demo of Norwegian Viking Metal)

We are proud to announce a series of new cassette releases and the inauguration of a new and continuing Anglo-Ukrainian cooperation between Todestrieb and Nightbirds (the underground label of R.S. – Drudkh, Hate Forest).

Our first set of releases are here unveiled, with more already scheduled. In the underground spirit of which these are offered, we welcome trades with like-minded underground distros around the world.

Order Helheim – Niðr ok Norðr Liggr Helvegr from the Todestrieb Distro

We also have many other Helheim releases available: CDs, Tapes and T-Shirts


Classic Early-Nineties Norwegian Viking Black Metal!!

A year before their first album Jormundgand on Solistitium (the label’s second release), Helheim self-produced an album-length demo tape entitled Niðr ok Norðr Liggr Helvegr (Netherwards and Northwards Lies Helheim). It did not receive widespread distribution, but did lead directly to their first record deal and began a legacy in underground metal, with over nine releases and regular live performances and worldwide festival appearances.

Formed in Bergen, Norway by V’gandr, Hrymr, and H’grimnir, Helheim played raw and highly atmospheric Norwegian black metal with Viking themes, and piercing vocals. Their sound has grown and refined over the years and all three original members remain as they enter their 21st year together, still standing strong among the greats of Viking Metal!

We are proud to offer this relic of early Norwegian Black Metal, 19 years after it’s initial release, once again on it’s original format!

I den mørke hall
hvor døden er ens kall

For her er ingen nåde løs
i den tomme, glemte sal
Her hvor Balder frøs
og døde i Hels mørke hall