Farewell Harald Spengler (Lee Tarot) of Stormwitch 1963-2013

Lee Tarot - Stormwitch

The original STORMWITCH guitarist, with them throughout the eighties, including of course the killer 1984 NWOBHM-influenced Walpurgis Nacht!

Leider haben wir die traurige Mitteilung erhalten, dass Harald Spengler heute Morgen gegen 0:00 Uhr verstorben ist.
Unfortunately, we received the sad news that Harald Spengler died today morning.

STORMWITCH is one of the cult-bands of Heavy Metal and granted us such wonderful classics like Walpurgis Night (1984), Tales Of Terror (1985), Stronger Than Heaven (1986), The Beauty And The Beast (1988), Eye Of The Storm (1990) War Of The Wizards (1992) and Shogun (1994).
During their career the band went through different phases and were considered by their fans as the ‘Masters Of Black Romantic’ which in their hearts they have always remained.

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