Incoming: Angel Witch Live in East Anglia 1982

Angel Witch Mildenhall

Just down the road, and 31 years ago, the second East Anglia Rock and Blues Festival took place in Mildenhall, Suffolk.

Held in the Mildenhall Speedway grounds on Saturday July 24th, the festival featured: Saxon, Magnum, Samson, Angel Witch, S.O.S.-Berni Marsden, and Stampede. It was attended by locals and a big group from the US Air Force stationed in RAF Mildenhall (still there and active) — the influence of these bands would be felt again back in the US the next year with the thrash explosion!

Angel Witch Mildenhall
© Blaine Butler,

The Angel Witch set has been officially released by Mausoleum as “Angel of Death: Live at East Anglia Rock Festival”, and is available from us now. These recordings were previously released as “’82 Revisited” in 97.

Excellent sound quality!! The Witch rip through their set and the crowd are into it throughout!

Songs by Angel Witch: Gorgon, Nowhere to Run, They Wouldn’t Dare, The Sorceress, Evil Games, White Witch, Angel of Death, Angel Witch (the encore).

The UK Rock Festivals website has some great recollections and photos!

East Anglia Rock Festival 1982


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