Aluk Todolo

Back in stock: Aluk Todolo – Descension [2007]

…our music deals, sonically, musically, thematically and aesthetically, with the knowledge of the hidden mysterious powers of cosmos and mind.

Aluk Tolodo‘s excellent raw debut album Descension is once again available from the distro. Aluk Todolo, formed by members of Blacklodge and Diamatregon, arrived in mid 2006 mixing the hypnotic darkness of black metal with the experimental and progressive approach of 70’s krautrock. Last year they released their most ambitious album, the double-CD “Occult Rock“.

The requested conditions to play our music is to get in a transe and forget everything. For me, playing music is a constant struggle against the ego and the moments of grace are those when the musician finally disappears behind the forces he does summon.