Barshasketh Live in London Review

We had encountered their Sitra Achra CD earlier this year via Todestrieb but even this could not have prepared for the nasty savage sound and massive velocity that span out the speakers as they got their set underway. Guitars went for it hell for leather and drums were unrelenting. Vocals were spat out at throat shredding, barking pitch and there was amidst the maelstrom sharp guitar parts with some compelling depressive textures about them. They sounded both angry and depressed. The bassist did not stick to the small confines of the stage but took to the dance floor posturing with back to the audience playing watching the rest of his band. This left those in the audience somewhat nervously backed up, either not wanting to get in his way or just simply not wanting to get too near the devastation and despondence which was now being dished out in equal measures. It was quite a unique mix although parts reminded of Nachtmystium and Leviathan at full flight with the maudlin parts adding a touch of the tomblike caress of Xasthur. Songs were dynamic and flung out with fury and precision juxtaposed with an air of wrist-slitting finality. The set culminated with the singer throwing his guitar down, looking manic as he yelled into the microphone and barking out the last of his vocals before leaving the stage. Obviously they did something right looking at those gathered around the merch stall.

Pete Woods, Ave Noctum