Track by Track: Ysengrin – T.R.I.A.D.E. (Album Guide)

Track by track is a feature from the Distro: song explanations, background info, lyric details; written by the bands themselves.

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Written by: Guido Saint Roch


Well this first track is slow as a rotting corpse. I like the last part of the track, with those epic keys, like the triumph of the Death. Lyrics mostly deal with dead and depression: under the reign of Saturn, for ever!

Je n’ai plus que les os
This track is a powerful tune with some great breaks. Lyrics are taken from a poem of Pierre de Ronsard, famous french poet of the XVIth century. Again, the topic is the Death. One of my favourite track on this opus.

De terre suis venu et en terre retourne
Instrumental track to close the “Putréfaction” chapter and it’s sound very dark… Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Lot of inspiration from ONDSKAPT.

Passage VIII
Is my first track under the sign of Hermes. Short one but direct!

Rex sacrorum
This long track begin and finish with great doomish riff! The lyrics are dedicated to those who pray, the holy sacerdotal class born in the old womb of humanity…

Queste de quintessence
This one is an instrumental, closing the “Elévation” chapter. The path to the red glory and the total accomplishment. The music is a total ABIGOR worship!!!

Potencée d’or
Very melodic and thrashing track. The title is a pure reference to the medieval Kingdom of Jerusalem and to the king Baudouin the IVth: This king was taken by the hands of the leprosy when he was a child and he was a perfect example of bravery; the sick king against the famous Saladin!

Ode à l’escarboucle
A first anthem to the esoteric Sun with a very solar riffing feeling obviously. The escarboucle is an important symbol in YSENGRIN: the Sun will shine again in the dark heart of the Malebeste, like the eternal cycle of life and Death…

Troisième œil
The last track of this first opus and also a perfect end of the “Illumination” chapter. The total communion and clairvoyance. The sound of this instrumental is close to old ABIGOR as well.