The Deverills (O9A)

The latest MMP Temple offering is now available

The latest creation from the Deverills NexionVoice of the Deverills, is now available from Todestrieb. A transcendent coupling of dark ambient and field recordings from rural Wiltshire.

As with all other MMP Temple releases, samples are available at the distro.

The sound within the majority of this recording is not intended to be “direct” and of the clarity expected of modern music, to be able to hear each element distinctly. Rather it is distantly unfolding melodies and sounds on the borders of consciousness, of dreams we attempt to recollect but ultimately elude a firmer grasp other than a notion of lingering numinous presence felt, imperfectly but affectively. It is the very voice of the hills, of the streams, of the forests, of the skies, of the Deverills…