Hateful Abandon - LIARS/BASTARDS

Cvlt Nation Review Hateful Abandon – LIARS/BASTARDS

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It’s track 2, “Culprit,” that may be my favorite on the LP. Again there’s a militaristic feel coupled with atmospheric, gloomy keyboards, and swirling, slashing postpunk guitar sounds that I think characterizes a lot of HA’s best stuff. One thing that cannot be over-emphasized is the incredible job that Swine’s Tom has done on the drumming. Live drumming mixed with programmed drum machines (or at least that’s how it sounds to me) is combined with the percussive effects of old-school industrial sounds: Things like chains clinking, oil drums being pounded, metal scraping against metal, etc. The element of experimentation that drove bands like Savage Republic and Einsterzende Neubauten to make music is on display on much of HA’s work.