Marked by their dust, the moon signals that the ritual is done – Ghast Out Now!

When the thorns have pierced our tongues and the blood has been spat upon bone and the colour is red, the abyss of death is coated anew.


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Ghast - Dread Doom Ruin

1. Hate Stone
2. Festival of Serpents
3. Demons that Fled the Ferocity of Men
4. Grave Cult Woe
5. Lost in Fog
6. Scorn and Death

Befitting such a monolithic work of relentless negativity, this recording has been roaming purgatory for almost two years…

Recorded on the 14th and 15th September, 2012 at The Compound by Swine (Hateful Abandon, Salute), the mixing lasted several months during 2013. Originally intended for release on Flenser (who also released the vinyl edition of May the Curse Bind), it was cancelled earlier this year. It is important to recognise Flenser organised the new mastering which was completed in early 2014 by Colin Marston (who has production credits with Atheist, Kayo Dot, Jarboe, Winterfylleth, Vasaeleth, Antediluvian, Gorguts, Pyrrhon and many others). This has given the album a louder sound with much stronger bass.

The album is presented as a digipack with 12 page booklet including lyrics, with all artwork by Arrrrrrrach and layout by Myrggh.