Ghast featured on Cvlt Nation

GHAST’s new album Dread Doom Ruin is featured over at Cvlt Nation. You can hear the complete album now, full review coming soon.

During the first year of CVLT Nation, I was turned on to this unreal band from Wales called GHAST. Their release Terrible Cemetery was on constant rotation for months after I first heard it. Now they are back with a new full length entitled Dread Doom Ruin out now on Todestrieb Records. For almost an hour, GHAST grabs on to your braincells and stews them in a cauldron of slow-moving filth. This band does not follow any rules, which is why Dread Doom Ruin is one of the sickest records to come out of the underground this year. FUCK ALL LABELS! GHAST’s tunes are heavy and ugly as fuck and this why they are the sickest band you will hear this week…