T.O.M.B. / Dreadlords Interview with Terrorizer Magazine

Terrorizer Magazine have just posted an excellent interview with No One of T.O.M.B. and Dreadlords! This is one of the only public communications from No One and finally gives a thorough insight behind T.O.M.B., details of recording locations (including Euronymous’ grave), recording (ritual) process, influences… It also covers Dreadlords – a new band formed by No One and two other T.O.M.B. collaborators: Panther Modern and Samantha Viola. Essential read.

I never know what is going to happen before recording at any location. It is a ritualistic approach, focused on resurrecting its tormented history, through site-specific sound structures, rhythmically combined with dark occult interaction and invocations. Once an area or element inside the building/structure has presented itself, I connect with it and allow myself to be suffocated by the ambient, unseen energies and record.

I wanted to create music that the listener could relate to other than a “studio” recording. Many artists write music in a studio about death, decay or the occult. I wanted to take death, decay and the occult and make music from those subjects. So I began using crypt doors as percussion, using tombstones with bones as instruments, and using elements or items in abandoned insane asylums to structure songs. Personally, this was a more authentic, challenging and rewarding way of writing music.

T.O.M.B. has been an experimental/spiritual journey in the development of myself as an artist and a person. The experiences from the disturbed places I have recorded, the influential people I have met and worked with, have stayed with me and are reflected in my material. The name Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy, clearly defines this project’s divine intentions; TOTAL freedom and expression through OCCULTIC ritual, beliefs and invocations. This is captured using MECHANICAL recording devices and equipment, with a subconscious intent to open and unleash the diabolical audio effects and essence of pure BLASPHEMY.


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