New Ghast Interview with Iron Hammer Zine – Now In Stock

GHAST have a two page interview in the new issue of Iron Hammer zine from Germany! Terrible Cemetery and Club Bearer are reviewed in the same issue. Excellent zine filled with interviews and reviews —

Ghast was for me one of THE bands of the year 2012. I discovered them by trading some stuff with their label Todestrieb Records and they impressed me right from the first time I put them into my stereo. I really liked to listen to their stuff during my innumerable train travels to work and back, this music was really able to create and atmosphere of its own in my deranged mind while being on the threshold between sleep and awareness…certainly a strange experience. Ghast’s music is odd, individual, oppressive and disturbing and so are the band’s answers on my questions…die!!

Other interviews in the zine include: Varathron (Grc), Domains (Esp), Anaboth (Pol), Heretic/Abyssous (Ger), Scythian (UK), Tunjum (Per), Convent Guilt (OZ), Morbid Funeral (Cri), Propoved (Ser), Of Crawling Shadows Records (Ger), Bells Of Acheron Zine (Col), Ravencult (Gre), Offence (Pol), Aggressa (OZ), Supplicium (Mex), Vulcano (Bra), Paganfire (Phi), Lord Of Pagathorn (Fin)

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