Daily Noise encore: Antisect – Live in Norwich 1987 (Full Set)

Playing an animal rights benefit at the UEA Barn (University of East Anglia’s old music venue — a re-purposed barn on the UEA Village grounds) with Atavistic and locals Deviated Instinct. Fucking ridiculous sound (board/room mix!) 45 minutes of thrashing crust!!!
Killer band. Crust, Thrash (influenced original grindcore too), yes.. always think of early BATHORY too… speed, darkness, raw guitars! Not to claim them as an influence (ignoring demos, their debut albums were less than a year apart), but if(?!) you are a fan of BATHORY ’84, you should try this.

Hope, future, poisoned by fear!

Alternative mp3 version

1987 review:

Originally from Northampton these guys moved down to London so they could get more work and be closer to the music biz. I don’t know if this tactic has produced the desired result but there’s no doubt that they have become a very pro band over the past year or so. The whole set was played straight through with no gaps (that I can remember anyway) which may have had the effect of “overloading” the punters. A few stops and a bit of chat can be a good thing, allowing the band to appear human which Antisect most certainly are.