Daily Noise encore: Atavistic – Live in Norwich 1987 (Full Set)

Playing an animal rights benefit at the UEA Barn (University of East Anglia’s old music venue — a re-purposed barn on the UEA Village grounds) with Deviated Instinct and Antisect. Never released much as a band, but did have one great LP and a couple of EPs, the second is an early Peaceville release.

Alternative mp3 version:

1987 review:

Atavistic come from Whitstable in Kent and play good hard thrash, fast and tight. Unfortunately problems in Whitstable (no venues, sounds familiar?) meant they’ve not been able to get much practising done and it showed. Although the lyrical content of the songs was low (AAAGGHHH….) the band use tape inserts to good effect, underlining their political feelings about nuclear power, South Africa etc. Watch out for reviews of Atavistic in the zines over the next few months.