Daily Noise: Deviated Instinct – Live in Norwich 1987 (Full Set)

Playing an animal rights benefit at the UEA Barn (University of East Anglia’s old music venue — a re-purposed barn on the UEA Village grounds) with Atavistic and Antisect. Crust/grind/thrash. An early Peaceville band.

1987 review:

Our very own local mosh-core smellies. Actually they’ve changed alot since the last gig a year ago in Santanas. In that time they’ve lost two members, Trub on drums replaced by Shaun and Ian on bass replaced by Snapper, leaving Mid on guitar and Leggo on shout. The music’s changed too, gone are the class war “eat the rich” lyrics and the simplistic anarcho slogans of a year ago, what you get now is well hardcore speed metal, Leggo throwing himself around the stage snarling into the mic with some vicious lyrics with Mid snarling the backing vocals. The music was very together but suffered from technical problems with the bass “I want my lead back, Snapper” and not so technical problems with one of the punters. Both problems were sorted out though and the set was worth waiting a year for, watch this space.