Daily Noise: Varathron – Unholy Funeral (and New Album Announced)

Blasphemous warcries, leper sound
Miasma of a damned soul
The graves are opened…

VARATHRON have announced their new album, Untrodden Corridors of Hades. You can hear a very short sample here.

For now let us return to the ancient Hellenic days! Worship the ancient godz and play the cult sounds crafted for His Majesty at the Swamp and Walpurgisnacht!!

We are also releasing a full CD on CYBER MUSIC (Dutch label). I think it will be out in April of ’93!! The title of our LP may be THE LAMENT OF THE GODS. No, I don’t want to put any demo songs on our LP. Our style is the same, but we are more occult and dreaming souls than ever. There will be more slow parts with atmospheric sound and dark lyrics!!
– Varathron, 1993, Exume zine