Daily Noise: Hellbastard – Conditioned

One of only a few songs that did not get re-recorded for their debut LP. You can understand why, they wrote killer songs but even at the time were not happy with the recording —

D.O.D: Are you satisfied with the way your new demo “Hate Militia” came out?
Scruff: Yes and no. The production sounds excellent when I hear it on Scotty’s record player cos his stereo HI-FI is excellent. The songs are more technical than on “Ripper Crust” but one thing is good, we have an album deal cos of our 2nd demo “Hate Militia”. “Heading For Internal Darkness” is the name of it, and it’ll have a three colour cover, an insert and a removeable sticker on the front, also 40 mins of grinding crust.

D.O.D: Your new demo has much better sound than the first one, what did you do different and how do they compare?
Scruff: Yes and no. The first demo lasts longer, the 2nd doesn’t, the 1st sounded better quality but in fact the 2nd should be better, but the bass & drums are too loud. With both there is a cover & free sticker. So it’s all okay really for £1.00 for the first and £1.20(+S.A.E.) for the second.
Scotty: “Ripper Crust” demo is much better than the new one mainly cos of the mix but we still like them both.
– Decibel of Death zine #9, 1987