Daily Noise encore: Hellbastard – Heading for Internal Darkness

I now tell the children if they won’t brush their teeth, that I shall invite Hellbastard ’round for tea.
– John Peel

Life won’t go on with take, an endless void to enclose, a pointless exercise… greed.

D.O.D: Have you guys written any new songs since you recorded the second demo?
Scruff: Yes, the newest ones to date are “Heading For Internal Darkness” and “Time Bomb”. As well are more coming up for the LP by the way we’ve a track off the “Hate Militia” demo called “Civilised” which is being released on an LP with loads of others bands. Anyway all the other new tracks are on the 2nd demo. Our new songs are more technical & fuckin’ heavy!!!
Scotty: We have 2 or 3 new songs at the moment like “Evidence” also an anti-skateboard song called “Fall Of You Bastard” do it now and hopefully some more soon!!!
– Decibel of Death zine #9, 1987