Daily Noise: Celtic Frost Live in Detroit 1987 (with Hellbastard Interview)

Posted HELLBASTARD yesterday, in the same interview they talked about seeing CELTIC FROST live in Newcastle. Interview was ’87, it was the One in Their Pride Tour (Feb-Dec 1987). This video is live in Detroit, a few weeks later.

Scotty: I saw CELTIC FROST & VIRUS at Newcastle city hall, KREATOR were excellent but the crowd was pretty boring. CELTIC FROST were okay, but a bit boring on stage. You go to a gig to have fun and a good thrash, not to get bored but it was okay. VIRUS were bad bu they didn’t get a good sound from the P.A.

Scruff: Yes, “VIRUS” played too, I heard they have sexist songs and alot of songs about how nice meat is..arseholes I bet. KREATOR were okay and didn’t think they were god. FROSTIES had a good sense of humour and were really good, their new guitarist looks as if he’s straight out of BON JOVI, he thought he was so good, what a prick. Tom G. should go back with Martin Ain and Steve Priestly to do HELLHAMMER!! (excellent idea-ed).
– Decibel of Death zine #9, 1987