Daily Noise: Kat – Metal i Piekło (Live)

Metal i Piekło (Metal and Hell) live in about 1986(?) Cult Metal played too fast you can’t contain it total Venomised chaos from Poland!!

Killer speed metal, this song can be found on their amazing debut 666! A combination of speed, thrash, heavy and the early black metal sound.

…didn’t realise or remember there was an english version until preparing this. Polish version sounds better anyway!
Know little about later albums, but 666 and 38 Minutes of Life are highly recommended!!! Bastard too – much more technical thrash.


2 thoughts on “Daily Noise: Kat – Metal i Piekło (Live)

  1. This was recorded in December of 1986 on festival called Metal Winter. There is also 666 song recorded from this gig (and it’s played much better) and 2 turbo songs !

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