Daily Noise – Àrsaidh (Saor) – Roots

Never yet the foot of slave
Has trode the wilds of Scotia.

Now known as SAOR (Free), ÀRSAIDH (Ancient) play epic and proud Celtic metal. This song is taken from the debut album Roots. Aura, the second, released earlier this year.

Roots quotes from Henry Riddell’s poem Scotia’s Thistle. The complete text is below, and can be read with other poems and extracts from his autobiography.

Scotia’s thistle guards the grave,
Where repose her dauntless brave;
Never yet the foot of slave
Has trod the wilds of Scotia.

Free from tyrant’s dark control —
Free as waves of ocean roll —
Free as thoughts of minstrel’s soul,
Still roam the sons of Scotia.

Scotia’s hills of hoary hue,
Heaven wraps in wreathes of blue,
Watering with its dearest dew
The healthy locks of Scotia.

Down each green-wood skirted vale,
Guardian spirits, lingering, hail
Many a minstrel’s melting tale,
As told of ancient Scotia.

When the shades of eve invest
Nature’s dew-bespangled breast,
How supremely man is blest
In the glens of Scotia!

There no dark alarms convey
Aught to chase life’s charms away;
There they live, and live for aye,
Round the homes of Scotia.

Wake, my hill harp! wildly wake!
Sound by lee and lonely lake,
Never shall this heart forsake
The bonnie wilds of Scotia.

Others o’er the oceans foam
Far to other lands may roam,
But for ever be my home
Beneath the sky of Scotia!

– Henry Riddell (1798-1870)