Daily Noise: Cnoc An Tursa – The Lion of Scotland

From Falkirk, pagan/folk metal. Always think of RUNNING WILD with the soaring riff, and BIG COUNTRY during the break. Great song from their debut album released last year. New album is currently being written. Drummer Bryan is also a member of BARSHASKETH.

The lyrics to this song are the poem The Lion of Scotland by John Imlah (1799-1846). Read this poem and others by Imlah here.

Red Lion famed and feared of old
On Scotland’s battle field,
The blazen of her banner fold
The scutcheon of her shield.
Meet emblem of her heroes, whom
Thou ledd’st to battle forth,
And ledd’st to triumph, or a tomb,
Red Lion of the North!

The warlike pict, the wandering Dane,
Oft thou hast made to mourn,
And sterner glories dyed thy name,
The blood of Bannockburn!
On later fields, in many a clim
e, Hast thou pawed proudLy forth
Triumphant as of olden time,
Red Lion of the North!

The chieftain’s cairn, the martyr’s grave,
Where sleep the heroic dead,
May ne’er the footstep of a slave,
Profane them with their tread
Nor vainly may the Future see
Our armed hosts go forth,
Beneath St.Andrew’s cross, and thee,
Red Lion of the North!

The ancient mind, the ancient might,
Still may our hills produce,
To weild the sword of Wallace wight,
The battle-axe of Bruce!
The soul to love the minstrel’s lore,
And prize the patriot’s worth.
The spirit of the years of yore,
Red Lion of the North!

High honour unto thine and thee,
For never shalt thou wave,
But from the flag-staff of the free,
The banner of the brave!
And by thy glories in the past
When Scotland bears thee forth,
Stand thou for freedom, first and last,
Red lion of the North