Daily Noise: Amok – Goatflesh Removal (with Jim Jones tapes)

We stocked the cassette edition of this release not too long ago. Planet Satan Revolution (a label set up by Prime Evil of MYSTICUM) released the original CD version.

This album features audio recordings of Jim Jones – leader of the religious/communist cult Peoples Temple. As the band say in this interview with Nocturnal Cult, the album is not specifically about Jones or the ‘Jonestown Massacre’ but more generally about religious fanaticism and willingness to sacrifice the individual to a leader or group.

The leader is imitated by everyone.
Happiness is obtained through good performances —
Behavior is controlled by shaming and competition
Manipulation through fear and guilt —
Including exit phobias: God will hurt you.
Emotional highs and lows —
Due to individuals’ inadequacies.
Changes in time orientation —
Pre-cult life is bad, the present is crucial
No way out —
There is never
A legitimate reason for leaving

Jones recorded the final moments of his cult, as 909 people (303 children) consumed a cyanide-laced drink. Below is the third part, as they discover the death of a US congressman (who was investigating the group) and begin to hasten the mass suicide. You can hear all 50 minutes here.