Daily Noise: North – My Pagan Love (Oak and Eagle week / Dąb i Orzeł tydzień)

With the tape release of SACRILEGIUM’s album Wicher on Todestrieb and Night Birds, we dedicate this week to Polish bands that, like SACRILEGIUM, once gathered under the banner of Dąb i Orzeł (Oak & Eagle).

Texts on two first albums were full of darkness and nostalgia, such things in those times were very inspiring for us, you know times when we roam in the forest without any sense to find substitutes of darkness and loneliness. Poland history is full of ups and downs, conflicts, wars and stabs in the back… so we have a lot of things about what we can write in lyrics.

Second song from the second album. From the Dark Past has a much clearer sound compared to the first, but it does allow the riffs to call out clearly. Atmospheric and melodic late-nineties Polish Black Pagan Metal!

Dąb i Orzeł / Oak and Eagle